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Zoho CRM

With Truent's integration with Zoho CRM you sales team will have valuable Account Intelligence in a tool they are already familiar with.

Zoho CRM

Our Zoho Integration

In a matter of clicks you can integrate Truent Account  intelligence directly into your Zoho CRM. Unlike many other data integrations that try to surface the data with out directly inputing it into you CRM we add it directly to properties in Zoho. This gives you the freedom to use this data across a variety of use cases directly in Zoho. We give you Direct Access to the following:

  • Truent Score and buying stage for each model
  • Keywords a financial institution interacted with
  • Your choice of 500+ FI data points


  • Easily add missing and new contacts
  • Add activity captured in Truent Directly to the contact record
  • Sync your sales activity with Truent to understand your likelihood to close
  • Know when banks merge and contacts change their FI

Connecting to Zoho

Connecting to an integration has never been easier! Just turn on the toggles match the fields and your done!

Zoho CRM