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Truent's Revenue Intelligence Platform reveals where financial institutions are in the buyer journey so you can focus your attention on the right prospects at the right time.


Designed Specifically Around How FIs Buy

Truent was designed using 10 years of bank buying data and engineered to understand each purchase signal in context of the unique buying behaviors of banks and credit unions. When combined with our verified intent data, you get more accurate accounts and a higher ROI.

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Designed to enhance your entire Revenue Operation.

Our end to end solution enables your entire business to to reap the benefits of Verified Intent Data combined with detailed account level data, buyer contact information and account intelligence data in one platform.

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The Platform

Robust features and functionality

Explore features and functionality that enables the entire revenue team to leverage intent data and actionable insights

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Verified Intent Data

All signals are from verified employees of a financial institution.

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Account Intelligence

Over 35 data points on every FI to help qualify and target the right prospects

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Conversational Intent

Peer-to-peer online discussions mined for purchase intent terms and phrases

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Integrate with your revenue stack including CRM and ABM tools

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Account Enrichment

Apply existing technographic and topic trend data to accounts to personalize outreach

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Revenue Creation

Influence verified decision makers by sharing information that leads to confident purchases