Account Intelligence

Peak behind the curtain and see who, what, and when of opportunities enabling you to focus on the right accounts.

Buyer Journey

The FI Buyer Journey Unveiled

Our proprietary FI buyer journey is built upon a decade of data analysis, providing unparalleled insights into how FIs make purchasing decisions. Discover what FIs are interacting with, how they engage, and who they are considering.  

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All-in-one platform for advanced user analytics

Unlock the true potential of your engagements by gaining a deeper understanding of each interaction. With Truent's Account Intelligence, you can dive into the details, uncovering valuable insights that shape your strategies and drive meaningful outcomes.

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Comprehensive Analysis

Our advanced analytics engine examines every engagement, dissecting the intricacies to reveal the underlying motivations, preferences, and behaviors of financial institutions (FIs). Understand not just what FIs are interacting with, but also how they engage and the underlying context behind their actions.

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Patterns and Trends

Discover hidden patterns and trends within FIs' engagements. Identify common pain points, areas of interest, or emerging needs that can guide your solution development and positioning. Unleash the power of data-driven decision-making as you tap into the collective intelligence of millions of engagements.

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Personal Experiences

Create truly personalized experiences for each FI by understanding their engagement history, preferences, and touchpoints that resonate. Fostering stronger connections, that build trust, and position you as the go-to partner to achieve their goals.


The Room Next Door

Step into "The Room Next Door" and unlock the secrets that lie within the consideration and due diligence process of financial institutions. Gain unparalleled access into who else they are considering and where they are in the buyer journey to position yourself strategically as the right partner for the job.

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