August 22, 2023

What is True Intent?

Over 70% of organizations expected to be integrating intent data into their revenue growth processes by the end of 2022. By this point, many are still in the early phases of operationalizing this new source of intelligence and eager to see how it will impact performance and pipeline growth.

What is True Intent?

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Try out Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse on iPhone

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Over 70% of organizations expected to be integrating intent data into their revenue growth processes by the end of 2022. By this point, many are still in the early phases of operationalizing this new source of intelligence and eager to see how it will impact performance and pipeline growth.

The adoption of intent data is happening in many ways. Some have tiptoed into the intent waters through existing tools as an add-on while others are investing in more robust platforms designed to extract the most value from the data. Whichever method you choose, simply getting your hands on the data and learning how to extract value should be your priority for the remainder of the year.

As with any new solution, there is bound to be some confusion in the early days. Many are still trying to figure out what exactly “intent” is. Each intent data provider will capture those signals and interpret them in different ways. What you may define as purchase intent may not align directly with the data available, resulting in a lot of additional effort to find actual intent in a barrage of anonymous signals. 

For example, an anonymous person viewing products on a review site will show as having high intent to purchase a product. Your intent platform matches that individual's IP address with a specific account and will suggest to your sales team that the potential for a sale has increased.  

However, that individual might not be an actual buyer and have zero influence on purchasing decisions. The increase in activity is certainly noteworthy and valuable to know, but is it really intent?

By nature, we all have a tendency to perceive an individual's intentions from their actions alone. This psychological function has served us well when it comes to identifying the intentions of others. However, it is fundamentally influenced by our own intentions. We believe that an individual who views several products on a review site must be in a buying phase since that is what we believe our intention would be if we took the same action.

This projection of intent can often be an accurate analysis and provide us with an opportunity to stimulate that behavior to create additional actions to influence a desired outcome. Yet, there is no guarantee that action will occur. In a digital world, our view into someone’s behavior is often limited to clicks and keystrokes.

To discover True Intent in a digital world, we need to obtain more data and information. Not necessarily “more data” in a quantity sense, but more in a qualitative sense. True Intent is discovered by expanding our inputs beyond clicks and keystrokes to actual online discussions and interactions. 

True Intent identifies a potential prospect before they even consider visiting a review site to browse products… and long before a prospect ever considers visiting your website. By the time this behavior happens, the prospect has already invested significant time in forming their opinion. The activity driving your current intent score is merely showing you that they have a high probability to purchase from your competitor. 

And once an individual has made a decision, convincing them to change their minds is about as easy as teaching cows to fly.

While an individual's actions are an indicator of what they may do next, True Intent is an actual declaration of need and intention. By moving further up the behavioral motion and identifying a need before intent is shown, your probability of influencing an outcome dramatically increases.

Remember our friend who was checking out product reviews, what if you knew 3 months earlier that the credit union he works for has recently seen an increase in fraudulent activity and was struggling with how to prevent any further issues?

Would you engage him then with a solution to his problem?

Or wait until he’s browsing online to see what’s available?

True Intent identifies that credit union employee at the moment he identifies a problem, not after he has started seeking a solution. 

At Truent, we are pioneering the second wave of intent to go deeper into the behaviors of prospects specifically in the financial industry and help them connect with cutting edge technology solutions that move the industry forward. Our vision is to move past the first wave of inferred intent data to improve the way business is done. With True Intent, revenue teams can move past the data deluge, operational inefficiencies and traditional sales processes to generate actual results.

Let us show you the difference True Intent can have on your business.